web Chat-project. Demo needed.

web Chat-project. Demo needed.


Job Description

Do not bid without a demo!

Do not bid without being able to show me a Peer to Peer
chat DEMO, or at least any type of chat!
Git Is full of opensource projects, you can use one in there
but be sure it's peer to peer, just like skype works, not chat rooms.

You need to be an expert in, Ajax, Javascript, and very important Node.js,
java will also be important if you decide to use it on the server part.

I am building the chat interface for a site called Hookupbay.com
a dating site, that will have a peer to peer chat interface
similar with the one on badoo.com

I am also building the server for it, and I came to the conclusion that
Node.js is probably a good solution. Xmpp protocol will be used
as future integration with opengraph, and facebook api will be emerged.

Bid only if you have extensive experience in this, and are sure you can deliver a perfect, bug free service.

Write about your experience, give examples of already made chat systems
and ajax interfaces.

Database to be used is mysql for now but we intend to change it or combine it with a nosql database.

So when bidding write near each technology what your experience is,
and in what projects you used it, and also what other technologies you have experience with and you recommend.
Programming speed is also essential.

comment near each technology :
Node.js Javascript Ajax Java XMPP Facebook-opengraph nosql

Thank you and good luck
Offshore Sales LLC

Skills: facebook

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