Web Developer/Partner for BabysittingBarter.com

Web Developer/Partner for BabysittingBarter.com


Job Description

We are looking for a Web Developer or a team that can help us simplify some of our website which was built with PHP. We need someone to utilize our existing site and implement a coupon system where current users can "cash in" virtual points to "purchase" coupons that we create online. We currently have virtual points on our system and need an admin page to add/edit/delete coupons and a systems that will check the Gold Points the user has and cross reference them with the cost of the coupon.

We would also like our coupon system to allow babysitters to nominate/sign up local businesses to post free coupons on our site. We would like our app to facilitate this and "pay" Gold Points every time a paid babysitter signs up a new business.

In addition, we would like an app that synchs with our site, including babysitting requests to their existing "villages" and point/message synchronization. Site currently uses Stripe for payment and we would like to use that on the app.

In addition to the creation of the IOS app, we would like to further integrate our "trustworthy ties" system in our website and integrate Facebook Friends in our site. We currently have a system where users are "connected" to each other on our site by degrees, but we would like to give people the ability to add and find existing Facebook users within our site and connect with them.

Excellent communication skills as well as close contact are a must. We are seeking to revolutionize the way we do babysitting and we are seeking a web developer and partner who can grow and expand with us as our business does. Should be intimately familiar with PHP, MySQL, and Facebook and IOS app development.

Skills: facebook