SEO / Landing Pages Specialist

SEO / Landing Pages Specialist


Job Description

I have a tiny marketing business in S. Florida, USA. I have not offered SEO to my small business clients, although I offer websites done. Now I want to offer SEO to them but based on an idea I have in mind.

I need a person (not a company) that has experience in designing landing pages that can be submitted to Google. My idea will explain how our landing pages can go to Page 1 on Google using white hat methods. I just do not have the technical knowledge of designing the landing pages!

I would like to hear from you about your experiences in designing landing pages and on SEO. I need full details: how long have you worked, how many landing pages have you done, extent of your SEO knowledge and experiences, etc.

Once I feel you could be the one I am looking for, I would then like to talk to you on Skype and explain my idea. If you believe you can implement it (between designing the landing pages as per my guidelines and submitting to Google to hopefully rank on page 1 under certain keyword(s), then I will hire you if I can afford your hourly rate.

I would like to design one landing page for one of my clients and submit to Google to see if the idea works. If it does work (that is rank on Page 1 in a short time), then I and you will be very busy. I have ways to enable me sell this landing page/SEO to thousands of small businesses in my area. I just want to make sure it works by trying it on this client of mine and then show it off to future prospects.

I await your offer and full details about your experiences in landing pages/ SEO. Thanks.

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