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Sitefinity Development


Job Description

Preferred location: Delhi, India.

We are a UK based software company. We are looking to create a new website in-house, and need assistance on the development of Sitefinity MVC widgets and layouts. The specifications for the website are currently not known, as it is in its early stages.

In some cases we will need the entire widget developed from scratch, being the Model, View,Controller and the designer. In other cases we will have a HTML-CSS page designed by others which will need turning into a widget. For example:

We may have a navigation bar designed by ourselves in Html-css which simply takes any list of <a href> tags, applies CSS and displays a stylized navigation bar from it. We might then need you to create a Sitefinity widget which reads the top-level pages on our Sitemap in the controller and output a list of <a href> tags in the view. From there you would apply our styling to your view to have a flexible navigation bar which adjusts as we add/remove/rename pages on our site.

Later on we might need you to add a designer to the widget where we can pick the colour of the navigation bar.

Please ask if you have any questions regarding the job. The website will ideally be finished at the end of January.

Please note: Experience with Sitefinity is required.