Education Management System

Education Management System


Job Description

1) Education Management System (EMS)
• Student Management System
• Faculty Information System
• HR/Payroll
• Inventory Management System
• Accounts
• Exam Management
• Class Management
• Graduation Management
Some Suggested open source programs:OpenSIS, FEDENA:

Task- Developers have develop a open source web program based on PHP (or RubyOnRail if choose to work with FEDENA). Education Management System must be integrated with Library Management System: KOHA and Online Learning System: Moodle

2) Library Management System (Library MIS)
• Koha: Open Source Web based Library MIS (Have to add Digital Library System on Koha: May take guide from Green Stone: Open Source Web based Digital Library Mgt.)

Task: Customize the Koha(after added features for Digital Library)

3) Moodle: Open Source Online Learning System
Task: Customize the Moodle (need to make it compatible with our system)

Skills: management