Asterisk Development

Asterisk Development


Job Description

EdgeLink Project
Asterisk Development Overview

Phase 1 - Project Scope:

The EdgeLink Project is an ongoing project by Diverse CTI to produce a customized setup and configuration of an Asterisk server which we resell. Currently we use FreePBX Distro as the asterisk platform on which to apply our custom configuration and as the gui interface. We call this custom configuration our EdgeLink Communications Server.

We desire to customize several key processes of the pbx including but not limited to:

Transferring a call
Functions of BLF keys
Recording calls
Customizing CID
Parking calls
Taking calls off of park
Voicemail operations
SMS/Texting applications
and more...

In order to continue development of our project, Diverse CTI has determined that additional skill sets are required. The next phase of development will consist of putting together a team of people with those skills. We will be interviewing candidates for these positions on our team. The first phase will consist of an initial meeting to present the scope of the project and the current status of the project and to present current development hurdles and desired outcomes and functions. We will be evaluating participants based on experience and skill sets as well as the ability to work well with others in a team environment. Communication skills are a must.

A deep understanding of Asterisk, how it works, and how it can be modified is a must. This understanding is equally important in the areas of VOIP and SIP.

This team will then participate in creating a scope of work for accomplishing the features and targets that come out of the collaboration.