VTiger setup

VTiger setup


Job Description

I have Vtiger installed using the Ondemand Server from Vtiger. The $12.00 per account hosted at Vtiger.

I need somone to work on a project base to configure the VTiger to work with our company.

Here are a list of task I want completed:

Here are a few ideas I want
1. SMS Notifier is setup and running. We need the return number that we have setup in the SMS Notifer to be fuctional. We want to read any return texts that come back in from the contacts. The Clickatell gave us a phone number to receive the texts.
2. Sent proposal/contracts straight from vtiger to contact/orgainization. in PDF Form. We have a word document that we use for the contract.
3. Setup our personal email server so that the cleints can replay to the emails we send them. Vtiger has a NON-REPLY in the outgoing emails that we can send from Vtiger.
5. Setup the webform so that the website send the booking request info into the vtiger crm. In our old sales for their was a Web to Form Plugin for Wordpress that we used. Want same thing setup in Vtiger.
6. After someone fills out the form on site have the vtiger auto send out an email telling them they made the right choice and a sales rep will be calling this. Maybe 2 other auto replaies or task setup that our busienss could use. Open for your ideas.

7. By default, SMTP account settings for the outgoing server are configured to od1.vtiger.com mail server. To avoid outgoing emails getting filtered out by spam filters on your recipient ISP mail server, we recommend you implement one of the following. Send emails from your mail server
- Enter the SMTP account details (Server Name, User Name, Password) for the same account as entered in the FROM email address.
Add od1.vtiger.com server as a authorized sender for your domain.
- If you prefer to retain the vtiger server as the outgoing server, we recommend that you configure your domain's SPF record to include the vtiger server as a valid sender for your domain. For additonal instruction on setting up SPF record, please email od-support@vtiger.com .

8. Setup some email templates and train us how to do a mail merge to send to clients by City, States, or description field
9. Setup the Dashboard in a fuctional way for our company.

Skills: pdf

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