Server Hero

Server Hero


Job Description

I require an awesome server expert to fix issues on my server/s.

My requirements probably require some or most of:

- knowledge of Ubuntu Server
- Amazon AWS esp. EC2 & S3 (A love of the terminal)
- cpanel
- working understanding of TCP/IP networking
- GIT/GitHub
- setting up/changing user/file permissions
- moving data files/DBs/mail/dns... settings etc...
- a good understanding of security
- ability to communicate and solve small issues reasonably quickly.
- ability to quickly and accurately document fixes - using easy to replicate steps.
- a sense of humor about intelligent technology jokes.

If this sounds like you fit the bill, please respond with your answers to the following 5 questions (in addition to anything you feel relevant)


Q1/ How are 3 ways I could access a Ubuntu server remotely? List the terminal commands you might use to achieve this.

Q2/ The server has a basic webpage running (I can browse it) - filling out a form and clicking the submit button - sends me an email. I don't get the email - the code is works - what may have gone wrong.

Q3/ I've installed a new php script it should output something in the browser. I visit the correct URL: - I get a blank screen (no errors). List a few things I could check for.

Q4/ How would you set permissions on a folder that needs to accept uploads.

Q5/ How would you do a MySQL backup of a single DB? - list 3 ways.

Good luck,


Bonus Question:
> How could you extract and download-and/or-stream audio from a supplied URL (which contains web video)