Number Verification

Number Verification


Job Description

We wish to build a website using the Nexmo API to verify mobile and landline numbers around the world.

Users will enter their number (selecting their country if our client allows multiple countries). Our system will recognise if mobile/landline. If mobile, we offer the client the option to SMS or call them. They are sent a unique code. They enter this on the website. For landlines, or countries without a database of prefixes identifying landline/mobile, we only offer the voice option.
The user then enters the code in real time on the client's website connected using our API that you will build. If the correct code is entered, the number is verified. If not they are offered one more chance before failling.

While the integration of Nexmo is relatively simple, we require a powerful back end system for our own admin, and that of our clients; and require a simple API building that web-masters can easily integrate into their own websites and shopping carts, much like the common postcode verifications here in the UK.

Clients should be able to buy credit (using Paypal or Cards). We need to set levels in admin and also pricing for SMS/Voice verifications. We should be able to vary pricing, countries available, manage user accounts and credits etc.

The user should be able to select calls on their behalf are male/female and should be able to edit the message (voice/and SMS). They should be able to select number ranges, voice or SMS for mobile and also be able to see full breakdown of their account and usage.

The API should report status back to the client website: success / fail / timeout / no such number

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