Kindle Tracking Software

Kindle Tracking Software


Job Description


I want some software that can track sales and traffic from Kindle books that authors have published

I will be providing the design of the UI and ofcource we can discuss this together

Essentially this is the outline of the product that you will be developing...

the product will be similar to google analytics where you can see where traffic is coming from, what device they are viewing, how long they are staying on the page, if the purchase etc

I also want to see a graph and how many sales are made, there will be an option to choose, daily, weekly, monthly sales volumes and you will be able to have these emailed to you if you so choose at whatever interval is chosen

I think the SW will be web based and you would probably have to add a snippet of code to the Kindle book listing which is in HTML

Here is some software that currently tracks sales

I want a quote for the above software

And then also an additional quote for making an app that has the above functionality to be placed in iphone and android app markets - It wont be for sale on their market but will be made available when they purchase the above SW


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