google analytics programmer

google analytics programmer


Job Description

Development of script to produce the ff reports:

Both for individual and company level:
1) Who is logging on & from what company? How often do they login?
2) How many pages do they click thru?
3) What pages are they visiting and how long (visit duration overall and per page)?
4) What are they doing in the system? (i.e. chatting, customizing avatar, etc)
5) Visits by browser type (i.e. explorer, safari, firefox, etc)
6) Visits by device type (desktop, tablet, smartphone, etc)
7) Demographics of user (age, gender, position in office, location of residence, etc)
8) Locations accessed (office, home, etc)

For the Merchants portion:
1) Member count on Merchant page
2) Total visits on Merchant Page
3) Ave. visits per Member
4) Number of Coupons bought total
5) Number of Members who bought coupons
6) ave. coupons per Member
7) Total points awarded
8) total points spent
9) Members who earned points
10) Members who spent points
11) ave points awarded per Member
12) ave. points spent per Member
13) Trade balance