Ad Designer

Ad Designer


Job Description

We are looking for someone(s) to design advertisements for a marketing piece for clients, that will be distributed to homeowners. The "standard" size ad is 4 x 5.5, that typically have a coupon(s) on them. There will be 16-18 ads on each marketing piece (unless there are some "DOUBLE" ads [i.e. twice the size of a "standard" size], or SMALLER ads. We need to keep the cost to an AVERAGE that does not exceed $10 MAX per ad designed (except for DOUBLE ads, which you would get $20 for) for the whole project, which is budgeted for $180 for design of ads. Obviously some ads will be much easier to do than others, so that's why I say "AVERAGE."

I have attached a copy of a piece so you can get the idea of what we're doing. We need to find a person that we can do us a good job & turn stuff around fairly quickly--2-3 days for a proof after they're submitted. The client will then let us know if their are any "changes" that need to be made, etc., wherein they would come back to you for any revisions.

Our clients will supply either old coupons that they've done & like, or information for their ad, including color preferences, website that we can get design ideas from, etc., which will help make it easier on you.

This will be ONGOING throughout the year work! Since we're just starting this part of the business out, this is listed as "part-time" but as we sell more & more ads & open up new territories, this will go into FULL time & even require additional workers at some point in the future.

Individual shall have a good understanding of the English language in order to communicate effectively & efficiently, as well as American "flavor" in advertising (SEE ATTACHED ADS). Of course, we would also like to see some of YOUR WORK as well.

P.S. If your cost per hour or per piece exceeds $10 per approved ad AVERAGE, taking into account "revisions" to ads (either due to your hourly rate being too high or due to the number of hours for you to complete an ad), then PLEASE do not respond to this post. THANKS!

Skills: design, marketing, english