RoR map plot web page using leafletjs

RoR map plot web page using leafletjs


Job Description


User selects a country.

Then we let them enter destination names in the city. Upto 10 max.

Auto-complete feature using google places api. (we will provide key)
Click plot.

Then we take the destinations, and we drop a pin on the map using a drop action in the same order as the list entry.

List entry to can be re-organized by drag and drop.

Finally, a click link that will save the direct url for that trip. So anyone accessing that link should be able to access the trip and the plot on the map.

Need to use leafletjs map api. Need to use clean icons that are travel industry friendly. Like local icons etc.

Need a clean layout using CSS/Javascript

Need to be developed in Jruby/Rails

Need to be packaged as a war file to be deployed.

Need to save trips plots to DB.

Deploy on ec2.

Need to make page responsive design for mobile/tablet devices using twitter bootstrap

Skills: design

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