Review SugarCRM Customisation

Review SugarCRM Customisation


Job Description

We have been using a 3rd party developer to create some customisations for SugarCRM Profession, in the On-Demand environment.

We have experienced some issues with these customisations not being reliable and also some difficulty in them not being able to run in the On-Demand environment.

We would like to engage the services of an experienced SugarCRM developer to review these customisations to see if the quality of the work is at an an acceptable standard.

We would also like to receive some advice on whether the issues being experienced in the On-Demand should have been forseen and understood by the developer prior to beginning the customisations.

We would also like advice on how to resolve a number of outstanding technical issues our current developer seems unable to resolve in the on-demand environment.

We feel that the current developer has done a good job with many basic customisations, but we are concerned about their ability to complete assigned projects when the scope expands with future projects that expand the functionality of past projects.

It is essential that you have very good written English skills in order to communicate via email and IM.

On satisfactory completion of this project, the opportunity may exist to provide additional services for SugarCRM.

Skills: english