3D video player

3D video player


Job Description

We are building a video content website that specializes in 3D video content. We are looking for a long term partner that can be our software developer in this endeavor. The first task for this project is to build a 3D player similar to YouTube's 3D player functionality -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSGfN9rr78Q

Building on the Kaltura.com SDK and API open source code as well as other SDK for metadata, we need a player that has the following functions and characteristics:

- Custom branded with various levels depending on where the player is used (ie on our site verses shared on Facebook)

- Basic – Play, pause, fast forward and rewind via progress bar, volume control with mute, play time and total duration indicator, change video resolution quality, toggle full screen mode, and recommendations for other media at end of clip

- 3D video – Controls that allow a user to change their viewing method such as toggle on/off 2D to 3D, the type of 3D to display, swap eyes, etc (see YouTube functions)

- Audio – Controls to add or subtract 4-6 audio tracks of various sound, dialogue (in different languages), and music within each media clip

- Metadata – Controls to manipulate 6 channels of streaming motion metadata that is sync with, and a part of, the media file

- Advanced – Media file title and description information with links, as well as a search bar to explore more content, social sharing functions, and the ability to add the media clip to a queue to watch later

The ideal candidate will have the following characteristics:

1. Speaks, writes, and reads fluent English
2. All programming code will be in English
3. Understands that this is a "work for hire" relationship where we own all the code and intellectual property
4. Signs NDA/Confidentiality/No-Compete documents before working with us
5. Ability to work with Kaltura code
6. Ability to develop strategy, roadmap, timelines, milestones for development and deployment, and deliver on time and budget.
7. Ample experience specific to this project
8. Must go through a Skype interview before hire

We have mockups and complete designs for the UI that we can send on contract and proper NDA signed. This can be an agency or individual.

Thanks for your interest and we look forward to meeting you!

Skills: video, youtube, facebook, english