Market researcher for photography business

Market researcher for photography business


Job Description

I'm looking to find a person who can do the necessary research for Denver, Colorado in order to find the market price for photography service to include weddings, senior pictures, and family portraits. I will need this person to come up with packages for people to choose from at the average rate and put together a document that will have these prices and packages listed so I can give to my clients. I am trying to determine my costs I want to have associated with my business. I will need to find out the prices for prints and packages as well as a la carte items, sitting fees that are typical for the area and overall the averages rates and pricing for photographers in my area so that I may compete with them and not sell my self short.

**NOTE** Please check out my other jobs I've posted. If you feel like you can handle all the jobs I have listed and would like the opportunity to take on the task please email me and we can talk about the requirements for the post. I'm looking to grow my business and I need all the help I can get to get the jobs I need for my business. If you help me, I'll help you. That's my philosophy. Thanks a lot and I look forward to hearing more responses.

Skills: research