Need Ruby no Rails Website Developed and Designed

Need Ruby no Rails Website Developed and Designed


Job Description

Looking to create a website with ruby on rails that is really similar to the sites and I have listed some of the requirements below but these will be really similar to the reference website I have listed in case I left something out. I may add or remove small items from this list if I think of something else.

This site is not for tutors or dog sitting and I will explain the type of industry once we have agreed upon the terms. Let me know if you have any questions and in your bid please add how long this will take to complete as well as process and services offered. Thanks

1. Modern, responsive, clean, and engaging site wide design.
a. I already have a logo but will need other theme related media.

2. Ability to search listings
a. By location, zip code, state, date, name, etc.
b. Geolocation for user that is visiting the site?

3. Filterable search results with Google map integration such as with and
a. Filtered list needs to update automatically without refreshing the page
b. Have multiple filtering options.

4. User profile and management system.
a. Ability for user to sign up and fill in information on their profile
b. Ability for users to add a service or create an event that will get displayed on the search results.
c. Ability for users to message, engage, and follow other users
d. Ability for users to attend an event or activity
e. Simple blogging option if the user wants to write an article.

5. Social media integration
a. Allow user to be able to login with popular social media sites.
b. Allow users to share and like different events and user’s pages

6. Payment integration
a. Ability for guests to pay through the site for an event or user activity

7. Events
a. Allow users to post pictures and videos to an event or user page
b. Allow users to add customized information
c. Allow users to make reservations to a particular event
d. Have tabbed windows to show different information
e. Allow users to see who is attending an event and like or follow an event.
f. Ability for user to comment or rate user and an event
g. Calendar that shows available times.