Real Estate Assistant

Real Estate Assistant


Job Description

We're looking for highly skilled, innovative, energetic, and professional team members to join our team! We have several slots to fill, but they are moving fast so please apply as soon as you can. Must have reliable internate connection, skype account, and be able to call the USA
BPO/Vendor Management – will accept BPOs, add to BPO tracker spreadsheet, order the pictures thru, track pictures with the vendor to ensure that we get the pictures within 24 hours, complete BPO, update with the pictures, update the bpo tracker, sign up with vendors and track the progress, keep ID/PW tracker updated. Update information at each vendor site and update the spreadsheet
Pre Marketing / Marketing - will be resoponsible to order the ulitilies at each property, condo/hoa accoication tracking,
Lead Generation
Contract Compliance
Social Media Manager / Telemarketing

To apply, please collect the following required information and submit everything to in one email. If any of the steps are not completed or questions not answered, your application will not be considered.

1.) Take the DISC test at: (results from the assessment, in pdf format, should be included in your email to apply both reports the DISC and the Values test)

Provide the 2 reports DISC and Values test - If you'll just take 15 minutes right now you'll get back a report that will show you how your behaviors affect four areas:
D ecisiveness: your preference for problem solving and getting results.
I nteractivity: your preference for interacting with others and showing emotion.
S tability: your preference for pacing, persistence, and steadiness.
C autiousness: your preference for procedures, standards, and protocols.
Skype ID
Can make calls to USA Yes or No
Can speak English fulently – will have a phone interview via skype
Picture and bio for website. See example
Need a list of their skills and level per skill