Job Description

I'm looking to build a team of software developers for my customer in the United States. These jobs tend to be on a smaller scale with short turnarounds such as two to four weeks.

Work will be on a job specific basis. I will need the following from you:

1. List of Qualifications
2. Picture for my web site
3. Specialty areas. Areas where you really excel and are most comfortable
4. Scoping documentation: Any documentation you need or use to help you scope the size, cost and definition of the project.

Here are my areas of focus:
Web Development
• Ecommerce
• UI Design
• Web Design
• Web Programming
• Website Project Management
• Website QA
• Other - Web Development

Software Development
• Application Interface Design
• Desktop Applications
• Game Development
• Mobile Apps
• Scripts & Utilities
• Software Plug-ins
• Software Project Management
• Software QA
• Other - Software Development

Skills: design, management, qa, voip, linux, ms-dos, software-development