Job Description

1- How much do you charge per hour and how many hours would it takes for you guys to do the configuration of the phpfox community script into my server to make it look exactly how it is in their User Demo? (I already have my Logo design for it)

2- In the friends feature, there's a feature that allow members to create a favorite friends list among their friends. For Example... let's say a member have 1000 friends, they can choose 200 of those friends and make them their favorite friends. However, i would like to customize that favorite friends section with a different shade background as a way to differentiate favorite friends from regular friends. is that doable by you guys? How many hours would that take and how much per hour?

3- In the marketplace feature, i want this set-up similar to an online store for us and call it the Merchandise page in the top toolbar, where we can sell T-shirts, Bumper stickers of our brand. How many hours would it take to set-up, and how much per hour would that be?

4- Instead of toying around with the market place, could you create a page in the top tool bar for us and call it Merchandise and it would be our store to sell our merchs, where people or members can come in and purchase on there from us directly e-commerce paypal page? how many hours would it takes and how much per hour? if this is possible we would leave the marketplace as it was meant to be for the members.

5- Excluding the price of any add-ons, how much would you charge to add an add-on to the site for us?

6-) I have the unlimited shared hosting with Godaddy, would it be a compatible server to host the site? If not, who would you recommend? How can i find out about them?

7- Would like the site to be able to be translated by members when they click on the particualr language located near the bottom toolbar. Ex.. Spanish, French, Portuguese etc... ( this can be done through google translation or other ways. How many languages translation can you add, how many hours would it takes, and how much per hour?

Skills: design, paypal