Private Social Network using Buddypress

Private Social Network using Buddypress


Job Description

Desire to create a private social network for our community of attorneys.


We are an operator of serviced executive office suites for attorneys (i.e., we rent individual offices to small law firms who share resources).


We seek an online tool for our clients to be able to do the following:

1. Post communications (and comments thereto) that are viewable by (a) all community members (i.e., ever attorney in every center), community members within a particular location (i.e., only to the New York center) and private messages from one member to another.
2. Looking to have a "facebook" style of messaging, as opposed to old school message boards or forums.
3. Have a directory of customer profiles (name, age, photo, practice areas, schools, contact etc.)
3. The ability to post referrals to client opportunities, and to track who is sending referrals.
4. The ability for attorneys to anonymously rank each other based on referrals received and sent (tbd).

Looking to use Buddypress since we are on a Wordpress platform, but would consider SocialEngine (likely the PHP version bc of the limitations with the Cloud version).

We are unclear as to user adoption rates, so the preference is to get something up and running inexpensively, and make it more robust later on if there is enough adoption to justify it.