Digital Media Signage Adobe Flash/Flex to SIP Component

Digital Media Signage Adobe Flash/Flex to SIP Component


Job Description

We are in need of an Adobe Flash/Flex developer who preferably has experience interfacing Flash/Flex with SIP. There are a number of possible existing plugins/gateways, but we're not sure which one, if any, is right for this project:

This software will need to be in the form of a plugin component for Digital Signage Studio. There is an Adobe Flash/Flex SDK for the studio:

We have a member on our team who can work on the asterisk portion, and perhaps give you further guidance for connecting to the server. He will also be able to handle the networking portion.


- The component will need to identify the station that the component is running on when dialing out - perhaps by dialing a specific extension?
- The component will be connecting to a local asterisk server via WLAN (as previously mentioned, the asterisk server and networking will be handled on our end).
- The component supports 1-1 video conferencing via SIP.
- When the component is active, it immediately begins dialing/connecting.

At the end of the day, we just need someone to build a component to interface via SIP that allows a video conference to be initiated. There is an on-board webcam and mic that will be utilized via each station for the conference.

Please let us know if you have any further questions. Thank you.