Real Adwords Experts to Lower PPC Cost For Local Canadian Business

Real Adwords Experts to Lower PPC Cost For Local Canadian Business


Job Description

I pay top $$$. North America contractors welcome!!!

I am looking for an Adwords expert who can successfully lower our PPC Cost while keeping our ads in top 3 position. This is a local canadian business (Mississauga, Canada). This company is a healthcare professional clinic and provide service as well as selling medical products.

You MUST have 5+ years full time on adwords experience. You MUST have experience in health industry and how to write up attractively in this industry. Our target audience are middle class, working class, usually family oriented and females.

Job Objectives:
1. Reduce PPC cost by 30% to 50%. I pay you EXTRA Bonus $$$ for additional saving we gain.
2. Maintain our ads on top 3 position. I.e. Ads on the top of page, not on the side of page.
3. Improve CTR. If you can double the CTR, I pay you EXTRA Bonus $$$.
4. Write attractive Ads copy as needed, and advise us on the content of the landing page.

Contractor requirements
I am looking for a contractor who meets the following requirements:

1. You MUST be 4 out of 5 stars and at least 100 HOURS in odesk.
2. 5+ years full time experience on Adwords. Adwords must be your primary job duty and expertise.
3. Experience working with health care industry. Present your work please.
4. You must speak and write English fluently
5. You must be reachable via Skype and available to chat at the morning time or evening time of Eastern timezone

Please respond with:
1. Any form of COPY AND PASTE or CANNED response will be ignored automatically.
2. Your proficiency with Adwords and before-and-after examples of campaigns on which you’ve worked.
3. An estimate (time and money) for the work you provide and the scope of the services.
4. Your specific experience in local businesses health care industries
5. A high level strategy on how to meet our objectives