SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Client Development

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Client Development


Job Description

We need to have a white-labelizable SIP Client Application (with the specifications I’ve written below) as soon as possible (Max. 1 month).

The decision is immediate, once the proposal will have been received (and accepted).

Application we need
(I have indicated the importance of every item :
V1 : mandatory for the first version
V2 : can be delivered in next version(s)

- White-labeled with customized logo and colors (V1)
- Operational on Android, iOS and Windows on PC (V1)
- Very high voice quality (relevant codecs): Voice in V1 ; if possible, Video in V1 (if not, Video in V2)
- Operating in 3G and Wifi (V1)
- Multi-languages support : Hebrew, English, Russian, Arabic, French, Spanish (V1)
- Push Notification Services (for messages broadcasting, and, in case of incoming call, pop up appears if application is off).
(Very important V1 : ability, like Viber to wake-up the application in case on incoming calls ; if possible, possibility of rejecting the incoming call upon end-user request.
In V1 also, possibility (via an API you will provide) to my Customer’s administrator (server side) to issue information messages to the SIP Client end-users.)

- Local Number feature (V2)
- SIP to SIP feature (V1)

We have all the required infrastructure for making the Call Termination.

I want an expert and experienced developer in this domain. A one that create system like i want.
It is better that you develope on the base of exist systam (as follows). Not from scratch.

I have made some search on Internet, and SIP Client applications (Windows, Android, iOS) use to be common and there are lot of open source and SDK on the subject.

I invite you to have a look at some sites I’ve found on Internet : (very very interesting) (very very interesting)