Professional SEO Proposal For Large Website

Professional SEO Proposal For Large Website


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I need a very detailed proposal for SEO on a specific website, please message me if you think you can come up with a generic proposal with a bunch of points below on a specific URL. But I will need something detailed like this:

1 Introduction
2 The world of the web
2.1 The workings of search engines
2.1.1 Three operating steps Web crawling Indexing Searching
2.1.2 Content analysis
2.2 Behavior of web users
2.2.1 Behavior of web users towards a search engine results page
2.2.2 Behavior of web users regarding a content page of a website Eye tracking Reading levels
2.3 Conclusion
3 Defining and organizing information
3.1 Content strategy
3.2 Content treeview
3.3 Long tail theory
4 Content optimization
4.1 URLs and HTML tags
4.1.1 URL Definition Copywriting rules Duplicate content
4.1.2 Title tag Definition Copywriting rules
4.1.3 Meta description Definition Copywriting rules
4.2 Content structure and creation
4.2.1 Structure Challenge General recommendations
4.2.2 Copywriting rules Headings Creating relevant and precise contents
4.3 Semantic tags
4.4 Internal linking
4.4.1 Definition
4.4.2 Challenge
4.4.3 Copywriting rules
4.4.4 Link placing
4.5 Content creation
4.5.1 Objectives
4.5.2 User Generated Content (UGC)
4.6 Multimedia contents
4.6.1 Challenge
4.6.2 Images Image selection Image context Link pointing at a page ALT attribute: text alternatives for images Image file name Multilingual websites Conclusion
4.6.3 Videos Pages containing a video Editorial contents of a video page Video file name.
5 Conclusion
6 Appendix
Illustration of a perfectly optimized page

You should have something like this already written as a professional SEO. If you have something similar and think you can plug in some variable data about the domains, that would be a great start.

Skills: analysis, video

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