Appointment Setter / Lead Generation

Appointment Setter / Lead Generation


Job Description

This is cold calling, but it can be fun! We're good people at our company. You're chatting about TV with people on the phone!

You'll be calling new business prospects about TV commercial advertising, web videos, sales training videos or other videos they may be interested in having produced. You will participate along with the TV producer with communicating with the prospects about good dates and times to meet in-person. Also, you may be canceling and rescheduling appointments as needed too.

At first, you will be using our script. But, you will be able to develop your own style after getting a hang of what comes up in phone calls. You are simply asking if a decision maker has any "interest" in TV advertising, web videos or any other types of videos. If there is no interest - move on. But, if there is interest then you move onto questions to make sure our services are a good fit. Once you know it's a good solid lead you ask for an in-person appointment where our TV producer will meet with them. Simple!

You will make phone calls to new prospects in the Los Angeles, CA area during regular business hours of 9-5p. (PST) The results expected are for you to provide 9 new in-person appointments for our TV producer to attend at least 2-3 days per week. Once you're up to speed we expect to have about 2+ weeks booked out at all times.

Depending on how skilled you are - you may need to make at least 50-75 calls per day. This can adjusted depending your abilities. If you make 20 calls and get good appointments that's great. Bottom line - we need good appointments from you.

Thank you and let's talk!

Skills: training, producer