Veteran All Star Recruiter Wanted - Commission Job Per New Hire

Veteran All Star Recruiter Wanted - Commission Job Per New Hire


Job Description

*****Commission Based Job Only************Per Hire Basis*****************

PROBLEM::::: Culling through candidates, testing, and finding out they suck is a waste of my time and money....

I need someone who is even better than me at recruiting to replace me - and that will be no easy task at this point.

I have spent over $20,000 on Odesk - see my profile - I hire across a diverse and dynamic group of web based professionals.

I want a recruiter from Odesk to replace my ability to find, test, and hire talent at a comparable cost in time and $ that it takes me to do it.

When submitting your application for this job I want you to tell me about your methodology
for hiring contractors from Odesk and your past experiences.

These are the ongoing positions we will be hiring for:

Graphic Designers
Vector Designers
Html/CSS designers
PHP programmers
Database Administrators

In order to fill these positions I had to work with people and discover what makes the best
tick the way they do and what makes someone flakey and undepndable.

We only want superstars and in the tens of thousands of Odesk profiles I have reviewed and
hundreds of contractors I have now worked with I can count the superstars on one hand.

The only people who will be interviewed for this job are those that reply outlining the methodologies

1. Posting a job
2. Reviewing Applicants
3. Testing Applicants or interviewing Applicants
4. Probationary Hiring
5. Long term Hires

I want to build a list of exclusive contractors as well - we can setup a non-exclusive agreement but I want all hires hired underneath my agency (if possible - I have not been able to accomplish this and it's more important to find superstars even if they work with an agency already)

The number and volume of employees in type and status will be at least 1 per week which has been my history, will pay on a commission basis and how that is structured for you is up to you based on how you work presently, but it must be comparable to what I have to pay in time and money myself.

Please start your application with a word that rhymes with "deer" so I know you read the whole listing.

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