Image creator

Image creator


Job Description

Need a professional designer to assist in the constant building of images, for social media posts, for website blogs and marketing material.

Below is a sample job, IF you get the job there will be on-going work. Weekly jobs, I prefer to use one personal for all my design work.


Build 5 Kids images. (File attached for ideas)
The images are for a kids range of juices. The attached file will show you the company logo and the contents of each juice so you can match the image. They are 100% natural, cold-pressed juices, fresh with no preservatives.
We have changed the names of the 5 images to below:

Green Gorilla
Red Ranger
Orange Ninja
Super Yellow (If you think of a better name let us know) *
Pinky Melon (If you think of a better name let us know) *

We want cool original images, characters that are similar but have their own identity.
If you con complete the job with cool, funky images that all match then apply wit the word "Lifestyle" in the title.

*The super yellow and pinky melon are still not confirmed for names. If we can not think of anything else we will go with them.

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