Web SMS, Email, Contact Management Application

Web SMS, Email, Contact Management Application


Job Description

I am putting feelers out to select developers on the viability and (very) rough estimates on cost to develop a web application that would perform the following functions (at a high level):

1. Contact address database (create new fields, view activity history)
2. Send SMS messages to select contacts (Twilio integration, I believe)
3. Create simple website opt-in forms
4. Send email to select contacts (formatted newsletter capability)
5. Schedule email follow-up sequences
6. Create http posts to another system
7. Post to Wordpress
7. Update and send notifications to a mobile web app for select contacts
8. Provide ability to created automated tasks, for instance: Send certain http post 10 days prior to contact birthdate for select contacts.
9. Provide ability to send, in a single step, select contacts an SMS, an email, and a notification to mobile web app

I will provide extremely detailed requirements if this project moves forward. I will also provide interface graphic elements, or let me know if this is a skill of yours.

In order to move forward, the cost would need to be low.
Please let me know if one or more of the items above would pose large uncertainty or cost.

This will not be an application for sales, just used internally to handle client marketing activities.