SEO and Google Adwords for NEW SITE

SEO and Google Adwords for NEW SITE


Job Description

We are newly established ecommerce site in need of organic and original traffic that can generate sales for site.

We need this candidate to work with us in the EST time zone, for about 4 hours per week day on average. We'd love for this person to be generally available to answer emails or Skype messages throughout a 9AM-9PM.

This person needs to have lots of prior experience with reports,significant organic SEO experience.and copy writing talent. It would be very helpful if you had knowledge of display ads as well as Google Ad expertise----that is extremely critical.

We would love it if you could consult us on our existing site, particularly with keyword research and how to build extensive traffic.

We want to be able to give you a creative so that you can go be a marketing guru and get the job done.

What we NEED:
Availability to meet via Skype with strong English communication skills.
Confirmation of your availability during EST
Examples of SEM ad copy
Example(s) of progress reports on SEM/SEO campaigns
Need to know if you have display-ad experience
What tools do you use for your campaigns? (analytics, reporting, ad distribution, keyword research)

Please reply when able.


Skills: marketing, english, research