Advice on the development of a mobile app using offline maps.

Advice on the development of a mobile app using offline maps.


Job Description

We are investigating the creation of a mobile app for Apple and possibly Android for a highly visited multiday walk trail. We need the app to have two key functions:
1. Offline GPS tool to ensure safe navigation using offline topographical maps (and preferably satellite images as an optional basemap) and a layer showing the trail.
2. Provide Points of interest to our customers to gain interpretation of the trail itself showing key natural, cultural or historical features with text, photos and potentially audio, or video

We need to be able to easily update and improve the points of interest regularly and alter the trail as changes are made on the ground
For example having similiar capability to the 'Everytrails' app guides to specific trails.

At this stage we are seeking advice as to:
1. Existing platforms or templates for such a mapping app;
2. The step by step process involved in developing such an app
3. Indicative costs (assuming we supply all site specific interpretative information for the trail itself and points of interest)
4. Additional costs involved in having both an Android and iOS compatable app.
5. Relevant considerations with regard to ongoing management and maintenance/ upgrades to the app.
6. Considerations with regard to sale of the app.