Teacher / Student / booking - site

Teacher / Student / booking - site


Job Description

I am building an app for teacher/ student interaction and online school management
- Interface must be personalizable as a "private label" for partner schools "skinable" (branches)
- Profiles (School, teacher, student, admin)
- Calendar (same as Google +sync)
- Messaging system
- Student progress
- Token/credit system & invoicing (buy credit/payout)
- Search/choose a teacher
- Survey & polling (posts to db and reporting)
- API integration
- student interaction with the talentLMS API will be only as a "fetch" to get data about the student from the API and post it into the site (courses, timeline, progress, reports)
- teacher interaction with the talentLMS API will be more complex as the teachers will be able to "add" students to courses
- Multi-language
- Html 5
- integration with a BigBlueButton module for conference lessons & scorm import into Big Blue Button
- Rough art work will be provided
- every "page/function" must be created so that the super admin can decide to allow or not allow access to a specific group, branch, student or teacher. Similar site: www.learnissimo.com (check this site to see a model of what must be built) LMS / API website: www.talentlms.com (check here to see what we will need to integrate into the site)

Delivery schedule:
1- create concept/usability map (guideline for functionality development) - no fee
2- review map and edit - confirm work schedule - start project
3- develop dashboard(account, calendar, lesson review, etc..) pages and database - first mile stone / first payment
4- develop landing pages / marketing site (home-full.png) - second milestone / second payment
5- testing / acceptance - third milestone / third payment
6- final delivery and install on my server - forth milestone / forth payment

Please do a thorough evaluation before submitting quote.

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