Ajax, Javascript Cross domain reader

Ajax, Javascript Cross domain reader


Job Description

We need someone to build a Cross domain reader.

Our application is a search and match technology. Our application is used by a number of client sites. These web sites store licence no and preference information in cookies under their domain.

For example, 2 web sites that use our technology may have the following cookies
www.siteA.com has c_pref cookie, with the value of 'fuzzy match'
www.siteB.com has c_pref cookie, with the value of 'algorithm match'

We need to track these preferences, from our master site www.searchNmatch.com
In other words, when browser visits www.searchNmatch.com, we could like to collect content of c_preference form siteA and siteB (if they exists)

We require a solution that www.searchNmatch.com can read c_preference cookies from siteA and siteB.
SiteA and siteB are our clients, and the name/domain is known.
The cookie structure is design by us, and is always fixed.

This job is essentially a cross domain scripting problem.

We need a solution of desktop only for current version of ie, chrome, firefox and safari.
You can use any technology including Javascript, Ajax, COR, JSONP, easyXDM technology

Too win this job, you need to show a similar working example from your previous work.

Initial partial payment will be awarded to successful bidder at start of contract.

Skills: jsonp