Fix Bugs In SkaDate Software/Update Code

Fix Bugs In SkaDate Software/Update Code


Job Description

SkaDate software is full of bugs. I don't have a list of all the ones I had, and there are new ones all the time. I need someone to fix the whole software so it stops having bugs. From what I know, the software uses outdated languages, so it seems like in order to make the bugs go away and for the site to be functional, the code will have to be updated.
It is best for the contractor to be familiar with SkaDate software in the first place so you know what I'm talking about when I say the whole software has bugs, but if not already familiar with it, you should be very familiar with PHP because I believe that is where most of the problems are..

Also, I would like a 1 week warranty period after you complete fixing the bugs to make sure the software is stable and you didn't miss anything.

I should add - I found someone on Freelancer who attempted this job, left me with more problems than I had to begin with (broken and MISSING links on the bottom menu) and then canceled the job because he had too much pressure. Please don't take this job if you can't handle going through the whole software looking for code problems to fix to prevent future bugs. His English apparently wasn't good and didn't realize what he was signing up for.