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Job Description

I run a training company. We run sales training for many large multinational businesses (think DuPont / GE / Telefonica / HP).

We have existing sales content that we believe certain aspects could be converted from the classroom / PowerPoint into some sales tools that save the sales people time, help to reinforce the teaching and could potential (longer-term) be integrated in their CRM systems etc.

There are multiple opportunities here - let me outline just three:
1 - We train something called the 'Buying Cycle' - how people make a series steps on their journey to make a sale. During the process the customer needs to make a number of commitments and the selling organisation also needs to make some commitments. These commitments can be mapped to the areas of the buying cycle. We'd like to build an application that animates the buying cycle, shows the customer and internal commitments available and then allows the sales person to select and track / monitor those that are most relevant for that particular sales opportunity.

2 - Measurable Value Zone. We teach sales people to estimate the Estimated cost of the issues a customer has with their current solution, the estimated value of working with a new solution and who is the problem owner responsible / accountable for these aspects of value. We'd like to build an application that allows the sales person to be prompted to complete these details PLUS a series of tips and techniques on the questions to ask the problem owner so that these estimated 'values' can be extracted and captured - then ultimately replayed to the problem owner.

3 - Negotiation / pricing application. We teach sales people about the different variables within a negotiation (volume, contract length, payment terms, price etc.) as they negotiate each item the total value of the deal will change. We need an application that VISUALLY allows these items to be 'dragged' up or down with the corresponding total deal value dynamically changing with each movement (picture a circle in the center of a page with the total value listed, then 'radial lines' coming from the center to each of the variable items. As you 'stretch the line' the line value alters and SO does the total deal value in the center). I suspect that this will require a data entry point for each of the variable items to be added to make this work but it should result in INSTANTLY recognition of the best possible value to be gained.

We have lots of other ideas that could be created from our content but need creative people to turn this into something practical and easy / visual.

I can send examples of the current content so you can see what these items are...just let me know.

I'm interested in ideas, estimate costs / duration of build.