PHP Web Monitoring

PHP Web Monitoring


Job Description

PHP Script for Website Pinging, monitoring and alerting.

It needs to have a user interface and facilitate multiple accounts (i.e. for customers)

It need to execute ping tests (ICMP) to either website or IP Address and alert a designated email address:

a) If the response time is high
b) If the site doesn't respond

I also want it to do a TELNET ping on various ports (i.e. Port 25 to test the SMTP Server) of a server

Also, there should be a function which shows the uptime of the servers/monitored addresses for the month, this should be able to be emailed monthly automatically (although the frequency of the report should be able to change)

I also want to set a rule that requires two pings before an alert is sent (ie. to prevent alerts that might just be a temporary outage that is corrected)

Please advise if you can do this.

I want this script to be able to be hosted by me and other people too.

I want to be able to have the ability to cluster the script onto other servers with a central database in the future to provide more monitoring points.

I should be able to set how many servers can be monitored by the customer.

Skills: apache

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