Investigative Journalist to Find Needy Families to Receive Grants

Investigative Journalist to Find Needy Families to Receive Grants


Job Description

I'm about to launch a hybrid ecommerce/aid website called Ten percent of the money generated from product sales will go to families needing help rebuilding their homes. The recipients can be people whose homes have been damaged from hurricane, fire, etc. or that are just falling apart from poverty. I want to find investigative journalists around the US who can help me find amazing families to give to, write about them, and hopefully get coverage of our support efforts.

The ideal candidates are:
1) people who live in areas where there are a lot of people who could use help. This would include areas that recently were hit by a natural disaster, and also some of the poorer parts of the country.
2) reporters who have connections with the newspapers and can leverage such connections to publish a story on the family both before and after they receive their grants
3) reporters who can take high quality photographs of the families, and perhaps even a short video of one to three minutes.

I'm only looking at candidates in the US right now.

Skills: journalism

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