Top Earning Brokers Needed ASAP

Top Earning Brokers Needed ASAP


Job Description

We are hiring brokers who can help us raise capital for private companies and publicly traded companies ASAP. Earnings can reach into the hundreds of thousands of dollars very quickly. You will raise capital and work as a financial adviser to investors. You will work as a broker with a pool of stock. You will earn by raising capital from qualified investors.

Skills and Specifications
Interested candidates should fulfill the following requirements:
- Must have experience calling on retail customers or institutions to raise capital
- Exceptional communication, networking, interpersonal, organizational and problem solving skills
- Competitive and results oriented
- Demonstrate ability to cultivate relationships
- Exhibit ability to sell
- Strong work ethic, discipline, enthusiasm, and perseverance
- Pass any applicable pre-employment tests
- Be self-motivated and ambitious
- He or she should have the ability to comply with the deadlines and work under pressure.
- The person needs to have a firm ethical grounding.
- He or she should be able to work as a consultant in advising the clients about the most prudent and rewarding investment options.
Education and Qualifications
• The basic degree required to do the job is a college degree in a business or accounting field with a strong bias in Banking, Accountancy, Financial Management and Business Administration.
• The person needs to have the past 2-3 year of work experience in brokerage or a similar fundraising capacity
• Series 7 and 63 Licenses will move you to the top

Base salary provided after initial 30 day on the job training
Generous commissions will enable the broker to earn over $300,000/Year at plan.
Bonuses given to top performers