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Quick Fix


Job Description

Quick Fix within couple of hours. If you can't finish this within the time-frame please do not waste my time and do not apply.

Here is a list of items that need to be completed very soon. 1-2 hours would be idea to have these items completed.

1. Page formatting. Everything besides the Home page has the words right next to the border. This cuts off the bullet points on some pages. (ie. Shoulder / Arm Pain page (http://www.advanced-injury-rehab.com/conditions-we-treat/shoulder-pain))

2. I have a PDF file that needs to link from the "Sleep" page. For some reason, I cannot get the link to work and it always takes me to some other page. I will be making a 'Coupon' that will be on this page that will take us to the 'Intellibed 10 off.PDF' file.

3. On the home page there is an "Intellibed" link. I would like to move this over, away from the Hours section. Not far, but away from the times a bit more.

4. The Facebook, Twitter buttons on the Home page are not lined up. They look funny.

I am looking forward to getting this started, and have full confidence you are the right person for this project.

Skills: pdf, facebook, twitter

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