Mobile app developer, Web and Android

Mobile app developer, Web and Android


Job Description

This is a long-term project for a US Based - developer who is highly skilled in HTML 5, javascript, PHP, Jquery, Facebook integration/Friend picker, and PhoneGap.
App: Is web-app, wrapped with Phonegap, and is a "matching" user app. Using profile data and geo-location, must be built to scale for thousands of users.

You will be involved in:
product development and maintenance,
bug fixes, including new feature development and integration.
See app here.

Specific Requirements:

1. matching engine selects all of the users out of the database to find nearby users => Need someone who can build app to scale.

2. needs more confirmation in UI that database actions were successful or failed

3. needs Facebook login & invite friends integrated via with Phone Gap (not on the server)

4. Needs UI tests

5. Needs functional tests - fragile, need some for matching engine and for CRUD functions

6. needs more constraints and business logic in multiple areas - can invite same person over and over, can invite thousands in one day (spam/harass) etc

Full Defect/Feature sheet available per request after interview.