Android developer wanted for an educational app

Android developer wanted for an educational app


Job Description

The app in question is a quiz app which features multiple-choice questions, however the twist would be that both the questions and the options may contain in-line images.

Please see attached sample questions for some clarity on the type and nature of the questions.

One approach to presenting this information has been to place the question and the options in one single image and then give the user 4 buttons to select A, B, C and D - Who wants to be a millionaire style.
An alternate approach shall be to display an xml file containing the inline images.
Any new approach would be welcome

We had commenced app development on the first approach and this app has been designed well, but isn't quite completed.
However, you shall be free to work on either of the possibilities or a style you think would be able to best execute the requirements.

You should be able to create this app for Android 2.3 onwards and ensure compatibility till android 4. Target devices are phones and tablets, however if it is not feasible to hit both targets via one app, we shall be working on separate apps. IF both the targets are done through one app, then please be sure that payment would cover both as if they were separate apps.

Key skills required for this are good to great Android development skills and it would be fabulous if you have some experience with UI & UX.

This app shall essentially be only a trial engagement since the roadmap of the product spans a lot of features and goals. Someone interested only in a short-term engagement should avoid bidding on this project.

The stated budget is only indicative assuming that you use the current code base and finish the existing app and develop on it. Assuming that all requirements and expectations are met technically, the budget is not a limitation and the scope of work is significant too.

If you are interested, please respond with links to atleast 1 app you have created and please be prepared to share its code to prove ownership of the app. The app should showcase your capabilities best.

Feel free to ask any questions relevant to this project.

Skills: android-development, android-sdk, mobile-application-development

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