Experienced WEB DEVELOPER wanted. FULL TIME

Experienced WEB DEVELOPER wanted. FULL TIME


Job Description

Greetings everyone,


1. I'm looking for a web developer with at least 2+ years of experience with the ability to fully code the back-end of a website, css, php, html, jquery, and maybe some mysql could be required.

MUST be able to speak, understand and communicate well in English.

3. I will not accept anyone who is associated with an agency, team, or company, I will not hire an agency, I'm looking for ONLY an individual freelancer who is looking for some full time work or a work partner.

4. I need someone who is available FULL time on a daily basis, monday - friday between the hours of
9AM - 9PM GMT + 2:00 or EET

5. If you have other clients or jobs that will be Occupying your time, this job is NOT for you.

6. If you say "yes you can do something" and you don't do it, this job is NOT for you.

7. If you don't read this entire job description, this job is NOT for you.

8. When you reply to me make sure to say: "auth code 212" so I know your not a spammer and that you read everything here.

9. I will require that you are online and available and very stable and consistent, this means that you should be Available daily, not once a week or every other day, if you have problems with your internet all the time or any other issues, this job is NOT for you.

10. It is a very important requirement that you are online at the same time I am, which is around the GMT time zone, because I need someone to work with doing the coding aspect in projects.When I say work with I mean working with you when you are online and when I am online, I will NOT give you a project and tell you to get back to me, I want you to be able to make changes or do projects live while I am checking on your progress and walking you through things per project requirements.

10: You should be someone who understands instructions well and can implement a wide range of concepts without struggling or going through a learning curve. (If you don't understand this statement, don't apply!)

11. You should be able to complete most projects within about 3 - 4 days, they will be mostly psd to wordpress, but we will also have custom sites that will be extensive and full of mysql, jquery, etc, so you should be well versed in all these aspects, if you are only comfortable on a CMS then this job is NOT for you.

As for payment, you must be able to accept paypal payments, or credit card payments.
You will be paid around $100 - $200 per job depending on the size and scope of the job, do not expect to make more than

$1,000USD for the first month, although it is my goal that if you are doing good work you should easily be able to work your way up to around $2,000, I would like to work with you LONG TERM and would not want your main focus to be on your paycheck but rather on a long lasting partnership with me that will result in MORE MONEY long term, so if you are only interesting the fast quick and easy money you can get short term, or you are the type of person who wants to get paid for nothing, do not contact me, I expect you to work hard and get things done, then I will know you will be able to make enough money to be happy.

Please also note that I do NOT give money up front, under ANY circumstances, I do not pay milestones, how-ever, I will pay after each and every job that is completed, and we can negotiate each job price before you start that project, or I can pay you on a weekly, bi-weekly, or on a monthly basis, this is up to you. How-ever you will NEVER be paid on an hourly basis, ONLY on a project basis.

I have many projects and can provide FULL TIME work to a qualified individual only.
I am primarily a graphic designer, so it wastes allot of my time having to code and design at the same time, and I am overloaded with projects, there-fore I need someone who is skilled and fast at coding sites from PSD or site design mockups and can do database work and java script.
I will always provide you with a layout and all the graphics required and will instruct you where the graphics should be placed on the page, and you will also have a layout of the design for your own reference.


If you accept all these conditions, please contact me immediately, and we will get started on the road to success!

Skills: english