Social/Check-In iPhone APP

Social/Check-In iPhone APP


Job Description

We are looking to create an iPhone APP. Listed below is a walk through of the APP's functionality/utility. It goes step by step in how a user would use the APP.

***Please be sure to read through the entire APP description below to fully understand the App's utility. Also, provide us with your sample work references, where you used the various listed APIs***

User opens the App. User clicks on a camera button. Native iPhone camera view opens. User captures photo. User presses done. Native camera view exits. User is shown a list of nearby businesses (places API). User selects one of the nearby businesses. The captured picture is shown on the next screen with the name of the selected business. On this screen the user has the ability to name, rate the photo per the 3 available categories assigned to the photo, write a 140 character comment about the photo and choose to share the photo on Facebook and/or Twitter (Facebook/Twitter API). Once all fields are filled out, the user presses submit. If not logged in, user is shown the login page, which displays 2 options: Facebook login or Twitter login. If/once logged in, photo is automatically shared on Facebook and/or Twitter if selected by the user. User is then taken to their profile view where they can see their picture (pulled from Facebook API; their name, number of pictures they’ve taken and a list of all of the pictures they’ve taken with their respective comments, categories, ratings and the location data, such as place, name, city or state). Here, user can choose to click on any of the listed photos to see a larger image. The user can also click a button to view their settings page. On their settings page they can choose whether or not they want a copy of their captured images to be saved locally to the camera roll of their iPhone’s native photo App.

All data will be saved to a remote server.

Skills: facebook, twitter, iphone-sdk, iphone-development