Looking for a professional Web desinger & Programmer

Looking for a professional Web desinger & Programmer


Job Description


Thank you for taking the time to view this job post. I am looking for a professional web designer that can do good work for a good price and not take forever to do it. I am piling up on work that need to be done so I have to out source some work and maybe you can become part of my team to work for me on a regular basis.

This can not be your first project or first website and you must be experienced with five years of building websites. I will be testing you on a sample website first that you must proved to me that you can do it. Sorry to have to do that but I been burn with people telling me they could do something and ended up not able to do the job.

Once hire I will tell you what kind of web site my client needs you will receive half payment upfront and the next half on completion. If you feel you are the person for this job send me a reply with website that you done in the past and references of people that you built site for.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me anytime and I will do my best to answer them. Good luck and look forward to working with you.