Elastix / Asterisk - New Configuration

Elastix / Asterisk - New Configuration


Job Description

I require some to help me with the Configuration of an Elastix System. I have already installed Elastix 2.4. I have a Yeastar TDM800 (8 port) with 3 fxs and 1 fxo module installed. I tried installed the licensed G729 codec but would need You to also verify if it is correctly setup.

Phase 1
I need the following done for now:
Setup 2 Sip Trunks, I have accounts with a local South African provider.
Configure Inbound and Outbound Routes
Verify if the G729 Codec was correctly installed.
Install a second codec (I have 2 licenses).
Setup SIP Extensions and Ring/Hunt Groups
Configure Dial patterns based on the number formats I give You (mobile numbers, landline number, toll free numbers etc.)

Phase 2
Setup the ZAP/DAHDI Trunks and Extensions
Configure Inbound/Outbound Routes for the ZAP/DAHDI Trunks with dial patterns etc

I can provide access via TeamViewer for You to do the configuration. Please quote me on each phase separately. Once phase 1 is done, I will decide to do phase 2 at a late stage and have other things to configure for phase 3 etc (linking to office in another suburb etc)

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