Turn my website into an affiliate site

Turn my website into an affiliate site


Job Description

I need a good quick programer to turn this website: http://www.clintsmoneybox.com into an affiliate site.

Oh whoops! Omkar. I'm sorry about that.

It's nice to meet you, I'm Clint :)

I need to explain what my site is about -

when someone pushes the red button on my wordpress website that I created,
they are taken to a free 30 day course. during those 30 days, they learn how to create a website that gets automatic visitors and how to tie it into an autoresponder which will deliver automatic messages.

During this course, the student will buy a host, an autoresponder, a link tracker and a few other products which I earn an affiliate commission on.

for example, i show people how to create a website with an inexpensive host. they sign up for the host and I make $100.

Then I show people how to use an autoresponder and when they sign up I make a monthly recurring commission.

This is what I need:

1. When someone becomes a member of Clints Money Box, they get to replace each link in my course with their own affiliate link.

For example, they will replace my affiliate link for the host that I show people how to use with their own. They will now make $100 everytime someone signs up with that host instead of me.

when they replace the autoresponder affiliate link, they will make a monthly commission for each sale I make.

2. When they sign up through my join page for $25, they will automatically sign up for Empower Network

3. when someone joins Clints Money Box Membership with them, the new member will sign up under the member that showed them the free course.

For example, if you signed up for my membership, you can replace all the affiliate links in my free course with your own, then the people you sign up will join Empower Network under you.

**I need to keep my free course on the Wordpress website

**Each member will get an affiliate link so that when they refer someone else to my course, each page of my course updates with their affiliate link.

The membership area can be on my wordpress site or off it, that doesn't matter as long as it looks professional and clean.

The course NEEDS to stay on my wordpress site as pages. They can have templates.

I do need a way to see who is a member of the actual membership area.

If you became a member, you would have to copy and paste each message for the 30 day course into your own autoresponder and give that out as the free course. The messages will have an affiliate link back to my site, the affiliate link will replace all other affiliate links on my wordpress page.

The opt in page links will be filled in by providing the campaign name for the 30 day course they copied and pasted into their own autoresponder. That campaign name will be a variable in the autoresponder form.

If you have any questions about the job, please message me.

Please give me a general explanation of how you will accomplish this in your application.

Thank you!

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