Website RE-DESIGN to increase E-COMMERCE conversions + ease of use

Website RE-DESIGN to increase E-COMMERCE conversions + ease of use


Job Description

I need to transform the layout into something effective. I need someone creative. If you feel you're creative and could create great advertising content that brings in the customer emotionally then I need you! Please have work available for me to see.

I really need to improve my conversion rate and CTR. I get targeted visitors but my conversion rate is roughly 1%. My main page bounce rate is 40%, which is horrible. My custom CMS PHP website is all over the place and could be done much neater so it conveys the message and offering better and connects to the customer emotionally. I need someone who feels like they could redesign the look of my website to be effective and is good with photoshop in order to build banners/colors/pictures to evoke emotion from the consumer. I have a website in the funeral industry, so the advertising would be focused on something along the lines of "memories". A good majority(maybe 65-70%) of my visitors are females, and they tend to be older. So I would need a simple website that is easy to navigate, guides them through, and gets most of the message across through pictures/banners and has a simple checkout process, possibly an infographic guiding the buying process?

I want you to use your imagination and tell me your thoughts from your experience upon seeing the website. I also need the product page pictures and thumbnails of the products improved greatly. Currently the picture of the product is just an image of the template, but I need it to appear as if it's already a printed out and opened card. So that way, I imagine it would work where I upload the front and back cover of the image and it would look opened and standing. I'll give more specific details later and a couple of other minor changes I'd need included.

I also need the option to put specific products on the main page, if we choose to leave the products on the main page. I have already had this option installed by another designer but obviously it doesn't work. I've lost a lot of money on false promises of designers that weren't competent, so please only apply if you feel you know what you are doing.