Google Webmaster Guru Needed

Google Webmaster Guru Needed


Job Description

I need a well qualified SEO expert to review the following and provide guidance as to WHY certain html pages have been submitted, but not yet indexed by Google. We aren't having any problems with Bing, but have some 30k html which have been created to be SEO friendly and only a small portion have been indexed after 2 months.

We have well formatted sitemaps.xml files for these new pages, links pointing to all of the new pages, and no abnormal errors being reported through our Google Webmaster account.

If you do not have direct experience troubleshooting Google indexing problems, please do not apply. I'm looking for a guru and am not willing to train, and I do not need ongoing SEO/PPC services.

Thanks in advance.

PS. I am creating a briefing video to provide an overview and then we can schedule time to chat thereafter.