Christian counseling, mentoring, teaching, & consulting over live-video

Christian counseling, mentoring, teaching, & consulting over live-video


Job Description

A dynamic web application that connects users to Christian experts for counseling, mentoring, teaching, and consulting. See for example

Core features
-4 expert categories (counseling, mentoring, teaching, consulting)
-Expert/User profiles
-One-on-one chat, one-on-many group chat (webinar) possibly Google hangouts
-Social functions (+follow, like, message)
-Rating/review system
-Social integration
-Location map

The application will be just like (see site to understand) only with the addition of a 3rd party live-chat/group chat tool (possibly integrating Google hangouts). Users sign on to find and schedule appointments to meet with Christian counselors, mentors, and bible teachers through live video-chat. Experts can also put on webinars to speak with many users at one time--users reserve seats. Design must be simple, navigable, and attractive.

Experts are invite only...they can create a profile...then:
1. Upload picture
2. Specify specialty category (counseling, mentoring, teaching)
3. Enter expertise tags
4. Location
5. Calendar
6. Rate $ per 30min/hour
7. Connect social media (facebook, linkedin, twitter)

Users create a profile with basic features....then have the ability to:
1. Follow experts (like twitter---receive updates, content and notices)
2. Schedule live sessions
3. View archived webinars
4. Post needs and inquiries that experts can view and respond to
5. Rate and review experts they've talked with

I need someone who will be flexible in communication and drafts, and willing to work with me in the future on maintenance and additions.

Skills: application-design, design, live-chat, twitter, linkedin, facebook, internet-applications, counseling, teaching

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