Data Processing Analyst

Data Processing Analyst


Job Description

Looking for long term contractors who are professional, dependable, responsive, willing to learn new skills and improve productivity, able to follow instructions.

Scope of work:
1. Data Processing: import, or type in data into spreadsheet
2. Web Research: produce tables and charts

Please indicate:
- Response time: how frequent do you check/reply emails? hourly or days?
- Internet speed in MBPS Up/Down link; some work require large file uploads while the other don't. Those who have high speed (3-5mbps) would be favored for file processing and those who has slow internet would be restricted to just data entries.
- Work hours: weekdays, weekends, from what time to what time you are available to work and reply emails. Please use my local time, EST-5.
- Work capacity: how many hours you are able to work, just a range.
- The first task: How soon you can complete a 4 hour task and send it back to me, same day or next morning.

Skills: import, pdf